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Bathorium Crush Detoxifying Bath Soak

Bathorium Crush Detoxifying Bath Soak

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Self-care, but make it indulgent

Netflix and wine, or a candle and chamomile, your bath is your ritual. We aren’t here to tell you how to do it, we’re just here to tell you to do it. No guilt, no shoulds, just unadulterated enjoyment. Whether you raise kids or raise hell, eat your calories or drink your calories, workout or work 24/7, you deserve me time. You deserve your bath. So, make it a good one—we’ll help with that.

Individual use bath soaks.

Product Information

120 g / 4 oz

How to Use

Fill the tub with warm water, optimal temp 38°C
Add entire 120g packet or 1/2 cup of Crush under running water. Get in!


Ingredients vary by type.

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