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Footlogix Pediceuticals Mousse

Footlogix Pediceuticals Mousse

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Cracked Heel Formula - This formula with Dermal Infusion Technology® moisturizes and targets deeply split, cracked skin in extremely calloused heels. It contains Evening Primrose oil to improve skin structure and Urea to hydrate and lock moisture into the skin.

Very Dry Skin Formula - This mousse, formulated with Dermal Infusion Technology® moisturizes and restores very dry skin. It is non-greasy and is absorbed into all layers of the epidermis immediately. Recommended for use in the pedicure as the final step before the massage.

Peeling Skin Formula - This formula, with Dermal Infusion Technology®, provides relief of peeling, scaling, itching between the toes and irritation associated with fungal infections. With the proprietary Spiraleen®, an effective antimicrobial ingredient, it cares for clammy feet prone to Athlete’s Foot. It contains no added moisturizers.

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Net wt. 119.9 g / 4.23 oz. 

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